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Nhi, a ETP Success Story

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Nhi was Sr. Jane Gegg’s second grade student at Immaculate Heart of Mary. After two years with ETP, she has achieved proficiency and is now a “success story”. Nhi arrived in St. Louis from Vietnam in May of 2011. Three months later she began first grade at Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Nhi did not speak English when she arrived in the United States, but that did not hinder her in any way. She quickly excelled in all areas of English language acquisition—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. She did not hesitate to attempt to speak English with her classmates and teachers and she was not afraid to make mistakes. She fervently and continuously practiced her reading, writing and spelling skills. After several months, she brought her first grade reading book to her teacher and said. “This too easy!” Nhi has an amazing enthusiasm and energy for learning and life. Her current teacher says, “Nhi is doing great this year and is one of the best students in the class. She participates well, adds to classroom discussions, and is well-liked among her classmates.” Nhi has adjusted well to the American culture and is also very proud of her homeland country of Vietnam. During her second grade year of school, she learned about the Japanese poetry form called Haiku, which is a short poem consisting of 17...

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