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St. Louis Review Article

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Project helps immigrant students master English Submitted on November 19, 2014 Joseph Kenny | | twitter: @josephkenny2 William Nieto waited impatiently to catch the attention of his teacher, Sister Joyce Schramm. As soon as he did, the kindergartner rushed to her to demonstrate his ability to pronounce sounds of the letters and say the words matched to the symbols on an alphabet chart. When he completed the assignment nearly flawlessly, William went a step further, showing Sister Joyce that he had expanded on his lessons. With his index finger pointed to his eye, he said: “This is eye — e.” After only a couple months of the school year, the kindergarten students in the English Tutoring Project at Holy Trinity School in St. Ann already are reading words and making booklets they bring home. Sister Joyce, a Sister of Most Precious Blood of O’Fallon who tutors William and 17 other students at Holy Trinity in kindergarten, first and third grades, noted that the children are having fun as they learn. “It’s hard work but so rewarding,” she said. SEE THE REST OF THE ARTICLE IN ST. LOUIS...

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