Fall Poems…

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Autumn leaves are…
Red like an apple growing on a tree,
Yellow like a star in the sky at night time when I’m asleep,
Brown like chocolate candy in a factory.
Orange like a pumpkin pail on the table.
Autumn leaves swirl all around.

By Rickya, Gr. 5, St. Frances Cabrini Academy

Autumn leaves are….
Red like the apple seeds my dad plants in our backyard,
Orange like the lanterns I make for Chinese New Year,
Yellow like the yellow colored pencils in the classroom.
Leaves falling from the trees while looking at the glimmering sunset.

By Tommy, Gr. 5, St. Stephen Protomartyr

Cinquain Poetry

Gold, orange
Floating, spinning, twirling,
Today I see them

By Alondra, Gr. 3, St. Stephen Protomartyr

Brown, crunchy
Growing, picking, crushing
They make soy sauce.

By Giau, Gr. 3, St. Stephen Protomartyr