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Learning about syllables for young students can be both fun and easy when combined with poetry.

Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry consisting of 3 lines and 17 syllables –  and usually about something in nature.

Line 1 — 5 syllables

Line 2 — 7 syllables

Line 3 — 5 syllables

Grades 4-8 had fun reviewing syllables, but also used the Haiku as part of their lesson on Literary forms and Figurative language.  Here are some Haiku Poems from Grades 3-8 on nature.


Three red cardinals

Sitting on a picket fence

Communicating                        ————   Tommie, Grade 5


A day on the farm

Three birds perched on a mailbox

A surprise awaits                 ——— Adjoa, Grade 4


A curious bird

Peering in the gray mailbox

Like someone lonely.            ——Marie,   Grade 6


A windy evening

Beautiful orange sunset

A time to relax      …………. Cesar,  Grade 5