Video Testimonials from our Partner Schools

Jackie Voelkl, Principal from School Sisters of Notre Dame, CP on Vimeo.

Sister Sarah Heger, CSJ, Principal from School Sisters of Notre Dame, CP on Vimeo.

Dr. Pete Schroeder, Principal from School Sisters of Notre Dame, CP on Vimeo.

Mary Loux, Principal from School Sisters of Notre Dame, CP on Vimeo.

Michel Wendell, Principal from School Sisters of Notre Dame, CP on Vimeo.

What Teachers and Principals Say About English Tutoring Project


“The work that ETP does is so very important to our ESL students and their families. It provides such a great service to our school and faculty.”

T12-13his program works – and I can show you the successful students to prove it!

“I’ve seen the confidence level increase in ETP students throughout the year.”

I watched them grow all year!  They are so much more confident!  Obviously this [ETP] is great for their self esteem!

“I see improvement in all of these areas [speaking, listening, reading, writing] by the students who participate in the program.  They are more willing to try to speak out in class and to share their work.”

The English Tutoring Project is an excellent program and meets the needs of so many of our students.

“The sisters that have worked with us have been invaluable.  The English Tutoring Project provides the ESL students with the small group time that they need to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills.”

Students seem happier and more confident.

“(My) student is no longer shy and fearful of making mistakes and asks for help when needed.”

This is a wonderful program and I hope more schools can utilize it.

“I love the program! It provides me an extra source to use in helping my students achieve all they are capable of…. Keep doing what you’re doing! The program is top-notch!”

The ETP is dear to my heart. I recently joined the Advisory Committee…. I was drawn by the simplicity and success of the sisters’ work.



What Parents and Students Say About English Tutoring Project


What Students Say


“When I started ETP I was not good at reading, but over the years I became very good at reading and speaking English.”
– Komlan, grade 8

The thing that I like about ETP is the teachers who are kind, and they explain things in a good manner. I am thankful for this program and I hope it will last forever. – Cesar, grade 5

“I’m starting to read clearly and my writing is getting neater. I learn some cool things and I like coming here every day.” – Victor, grade 5

We always learn something new every day. Coming here helps me a lot with some of my hard subjects. – Adjoa, grade 4

“ETP has helped me the most with language because when I go back to my classroom in English class I already know the things that we need to know because of ETP.” – Marie, grade 6

(The ETP Teacher) helped relieve my fears about school, friends, and everything! – Jason, a HS student and former ETP student


What Parents Say

I am very satisfied with the program. [My son] is progressing a lot. Thank you.

“Thank you for all you did for [my daughter].”

ETP is helping my son more and more.

“Please continue to help my children improve next year as well.”

Many thanks for the help and the patient dedication with Anna. She has advanced a lot. (Translated from Spanish)

“(He) is really improved… He brings good things from school. We are really happy.”